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Fun Learning With AI: A Creation Of Google

Google has invented a technology that helps a person to understand the working of an AI and Machine Learning without the necessity of any programming.

This technology is called the teachable machine. It involves the user being able to teach a machine various activities.

This particular web tool uses your webcam attached to your laptop to recognize your actions and with the help of pattern recognition it stores the data and the concurrent function. It is a live technology.

It’s built with a library called tensorflow.js, which makes it easier for any web developer to get into machine learning, by training and running neural nets right in the browser.

Teachable Machine relies on your camera and microphone and Google has assured that the data that is given to the machine is stored locally in the browser of the user and doesn’t store anything on the computer servers.

Several suspicions arise for this claim as if its proven wrong there is a great risk to our data privacy and security.

Through this technology you can teach a machine to play a dog video or to play a particular song you like by referencing them with your actions or various hand gestures. This is just an example of what it is capable of.

Looking ahead we can definitely say that this particular development can be used in various aspects and the concept can be used to train our smarthomes better in the future.

Teachable Machine was a breakthrough which allowed all kinds of people from a child to an adult to get a hands on experience of what machine learning is.

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