Artificial Intelligence

Meaning Of AI Simplified At The Basic Level

What is AI?

The easiest way to know about artificial intelligence is to compare a machine with human mind. As a human mind learns through various activities and becomes more executive in nature with time, similarly, a machine can do the same. When a machine learns to work similarly as a human mind it becomes an intelligent machine. So, making a machine brainy and resourceful is what AI does.


Human brain is a network of neurons which is used to perform essential day to day tasks. The same structure is replicated in AI which is termed as Neural Networks.

Similarity between Humans and AI

Humans can speak and listen and eventually learn a language. This system uses speech recognition which is achieved through statistical learning.

Humans learn to read and write in a language. AI is a field of NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Humans can see through their eyes and process the information present in the scenery. In this, computer vision comes into picture which is done through symbolic learning (Image processing).  

Humans can understand their environment and adapt to it. This is a field of robotics.

 Humans have the ability to observe patterns and AI involves  pattern recognition (Machine Learning).

Real Life Example of AI

Babylon AI: It is an app based in the healthcare industry. This doctor app consults with the patients by speech recognition function. A diagnoses based on  symptoms is established and the concurrent treatment is suggested

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