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Everything you need to know about the all new Samsung S10+.

We all know that mobile phones are overhauled each day and launched during regular intervals of time. One such amendment is the SAMSUNG S10+. Everything the future wants is in market now! This newfangled mobile is the ‘everything phone for everyone’. Every year they have been releasing galaxy s series, though they were similar to iphone models. But this year they have made all reviewers wind their neck in on all negative comments. Yes! Samsung S10+ is the phone for the next generation. It is absolutely an anti-iphone.

This year galaxy’s S series, undoubtedly has incorporated it’s gene to its new infant S10, with its high-end phones with cutting edge technology and sleek designs. If you are an iphone user, jott it down! Are you annoyed with iphone’s lack of headphone jacks,screen notches and fingerprint sensors? Then S10 is for you! That isn’t to be said Samsung has no cognate features when compared to apple’s flagship.

They are twinning in their market prices. The other thing is the lack of a compelling differentiator from it’s previous iterations. Galaxy S10 is not a big deal if you are already a S9 and s8 user. Though it is the next generation phone, it’s just going to reduce your account balance and no extra credentials.

The display is so good with the 6.4 inch super AMOLED display which makes it the biggest S phone screen to date,bigger than S9 and note 9 screen size. The main draw back for us is the 93.1% screen to body ratio,as Samsung has found a way to fit more pixels across a tighter body,which also means a reduction in the size of the already slender bezels above and below the display.

The aluminium frame isn’t completely rounded, offering a good grip when holding the phone and most importantly both front and back are glass topped. Gorilla glass 6 in the front and 5 on the back. Encasing the phone from cracks is a great move.

Samsung S10 is the cleanest-looking Samsung phone in existence.It has three cameras now,placed horizontally like on the Galaxy Note 9.Aside from the Samsung logo, there’s nothing to clutter the design. Wait, And where did the fingerprint sensor go? Cool! It’s an embedded ultrasonic fingerprint scanner which captures 3D contours of thumb and fingerprints. This offers better anti-spoofing measures than traditional optical sensors,which rely on a image of a fingerprint. It’s the most adorable feature in S10.

But, if you go with face unlock feature,your finger print sensor is freezed. But, face unlock is not so secured and it gets unlocked within seconds as it recognizes your face.It is easy for perverts to unlock your phone simply by using a pic of yours. It is recommended to change the speed by following the below mentioned steps,
Go to Settings > Biometrics and security > Facial recognition (and toggle off Faster recognition).
This helps in reducing the recognition speed of your mobile phone. We can use fingerprint access for sensitive apps and payments can be done through Samsung pay.It would have been a master piece if incorporated with an additional feature like Apple’s face ID.


The S10’s refinements extend to things like it’s vibration motor,which is much nicer than most of the android phones. It’s not quite as good as Apple’s tactic engine,but it’s not buzzy and annoying.It provides nice feedback on typing on the keyboard. And the beloved smart assistance, Bixby serves amazing asusual.
Samsung provides with the headphone jack near to it’s USB-C charging port.There are also loud speakers and full sounding for when you’re not wearing headphones.

Another reason to choose S10+ is it’s 4,100mAh battery.With light use, this phone can go 2 days,but with medium to heavy use, expect a full, solid day from morning to night.The phone lasted for 10 hours and 12 minutes in a standard video playback battery test, with the screen at max brightness on Wi-fi. This has been the max hit in the testing where Nokia 9 pureview has reached (hours and 26 minutes. And we can even wirelessly charge other devices like Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds or smartwatch, but have not found much use of this feature than showing off.

Samsung calls the software One UI, and runs the android pie 9.0 as its base. The main aim of this software is to offer a cohesive look and makes the use big screen phones easier. It also includes many of the Android’s 9 features Google debuted last year, such as digital Wellbeing service,adaptive brightness features,and the screen rotate button in the navigation bar. The all featured phone as a hole!

It’s clear that after a decade of Galaxy phones, Samsung knows what their customer need and expects. We’ve already seen glimpses of where the next 10 years will take us,but if you’re looking for the best android phone, then it is non either than S10.

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