We will soon see Smartphones with 64MP, 100MP Camera in 2019.

There is a race between smartphone industries to bring the best smartphone and the emerging concept of multiple cameras to bring the best quality picture is changing the complete smartphone sector. Currently, all the smartphone giants for example say, Samsung, Nokia or Sony are mostly working on cameras. Now, we have 4,5,6 cameras smartphone too, to bring the best resolution image with a wide view. Also, the camera quality is increasing too. We had 2-5 MP smartphones in the past and now that number has been increased to 13 in normal smartphones and the best like Sony IMX586 and Samsung ISOCELL GM1 supports 48MP too. DSLR is now an old  thing. People are preferring smartphones cool cameras rather than DSLR’s.

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Recently, Qualcomm the processors making giant stated that we will soon have smartphones with 64MP and 100MP. How amazing it will be? Very soon we will have a smartphone in the hand that has a 100MP camera. It is the processor that matters the most as it powers the system. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660 mobile processor supports upto 48MP image sensors, the latest Snapdragon 675 processor upto 192 MP.

Judd Heape, Sr. Director Product Management, Qualcomm stated that “Our platform is capable of supporting smartphones with up to 192 MP cameras. But the ‘maximum megapixels’ or resolution that is offered by the latest camera sensors (from Sony or Samsung) is 48MP. So, OEMs are limited to offering 48MP resolution as of now”

As per Qualcomm, their processors can support 192MP cameras too but it is the lack of Image sensors and Camera Resolution of the same range. According to few reports, Samsung and Sony are working on the same to improve the camera resolution and image sensors and very soon we will have smartphones with 100MP camera too.

Cameras work on three main things :

  • Smartphone’s Processor
  • Image Sensors
  • Camera Mega Pixel or Resolution

Tech Infinite is expecting this range of cameras in smartphone from Oppo, Xiaomi , Huawei and Vivo too. They are not that far in this race. We all are very aware of the Oppo and Vivo Cameras, they literally beautify the image.


To sum up, It is the race between smartphone manufacturing companies that who will make that happen in 2019 end with a smartphone with 100MP camera. It is not that big deal for them. All are working day and night to emerge with such a beautiful piece that can change the standards of taking pictures and the one who can set a benchmark of the same.

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