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How can passwords be stolen from websites [tutorial]?

Hello Readers, Probably you search on the web about stealing Facebook Passwords. We all have some friend or relative of which we want to Facebook Id but all in vain. So today we are going to teach you a tutorial with the help of which you will be able to Steal Facebook Passwords, in case you are wondering that i am going to tell you about phishing then no its not a phishing tutorial.

So lets get started,

First of all visit this github link : gumshoe


Then click on “clone or download”


Then click on the download zip

After the download gets completed extract it and then open the “gumshoe” folder you will see a folder named “src”, remember this location we will be needing this soon.

now open google chrome then paste “chrome://extensions/” without quotes on the url bar and press enter


Now click on the developer mode and then the following options will come up


Click on the load unpacked and then select the src file


Now open Facebook and enter your username and password to test it.


Now Click on the log in

Now the extension has tracked our password.Now logout as anyone else would log out.

Now to view the password type gselog on the username or password form


You will be automatically redirected to the gumshoe page like this


Now as you can see in the above pic my username and password is now being shown in the field

Disclaimer : This article/method is for educational purpose only. We are not responsible for any kind of illegal activities. We believe in security.

Thanks for reading.

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