Back Buttonless Navigation in Android Q!

The Android companies are now trying to replicate the features iPhone has. Since Apple removed the home button in iPhone X, the Android companies are rolling out the gesture buttons from their implementation. Google is soon going to launch the next version of Android 9 Pie which is yet to be named. Although there is a slow and steady release of the new Android phone’s key features, its name is not yet confirmed. It is most likely to be called Android 10/Android Q.

According to recent reports, Google is going to kill the back gesture button which is currently present in Android 9 Pie. It has the two-button navigation system substituted in place of the three-button navigation system. The recent apps button was removed in Android 9 Pie. Now, the new version plans on removing the back button as well.

Gesture Controls in Android Q: Android’s Pie gesture features include a dedicated back button with which the customers were unhappy. So, Google is aiming at replacing the back button with a gesture.

The new version, Android Q has a pill-shaped home button which is used to navigate around. The user needs to use gestures to move from the existing application. When the user swipes right, he’ll be able to jump to the recent-used apps a lot easier comparatively. Google has improved the switching mechanism between the applications. A swipe-up action will take the user to the multitasking menu wherein he can choose his desired app. Now, a simple swipe-left action substitutes the back key.

If you are wondering why Google hadn’t thought of removing the back button until recently, then read further. An average person with an Android phone had become so comfortable using the back button. Even though the iPhone features attracted users, Google knew removing the back button was a bad idea. People had become habituated with it. That might have been a reason for their hesitation. But now that all Pixel owners have had a taste of gesture navigation controls, they might have decided to get rid of the dedicated back button.

The rumors about the new add-ons seem quite interesting. It is all that we were looking for in a smartphone. If you can’t wait, well, you have got to wait to see if these features are simple to use as it sounds.

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