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Best alternatives to Google Apps and Services – Part 2

Hello Readers, So in the last part we suggested some Apps and web services alternatives to google apps and services now in this article we are going to give the list of google app alternatives for android.

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So lets start without any further delay.

The first alternative to google app is for the web browser and we are going to suggest the same alternative as we suggested in the PC version that is Mozilla Firefox.

Its extremely fast, safe and private with the feature of adding add-on if needed.

the most impressive features for firefox android is that it uses less memory than chrome therefore you can enjoy a lag free browsing than google chrome.

Download Link – Firefox

next on the list is google messages and the alternative to this app is created by none other than microsoft and this app is called SMS Organiser, I must say as a daily user of this app this app is really a powerful sms app.

It has many useful and interesting features like

  • Smart Assist  – It can Check PNR status, Flight status directly through the SMS reminders itself.
  • Smart Backup – It automatically backups our SMS obviously with our permission.
  • Smart Organisation – It automatically organizes all of our SMS into Personal, Transactional and Promotional category to help us declutter the Inbox.

Download Link – Microsoft SMS Organiser

Now i will talk about the office suite alternatives for google apps, These apps include Google Docs, Google Sheets And Google Slide and the  alternatives to this apps are obviously Microsofts own Office Suite these apps include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint respectively.

Cover art
Cover art
Cover art

These apps are actually very powerful and we can almost do an extremely good project provided a large screen.

Download Link – Microsoft Word  |  Microsoft Excel  |  Microsoft PowerPoint

Now next is an interesting alternative to an extremely popular app which we never thought there could be an alternative and the app is Google Maps!! Yes there is an alternative to this app too. And the app is Waze Maps.

Cover art

Here are some special features of waze.

  • It can Alert us about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive.
  • It can instantly change route to avoid traffic and save our time.
  • you can use Waze on your car’s display via Android Auto.

Download Link – Waze

Next on the list is a note taking app called google keep and the best alternative to this app is again from Microsoft and it is Microsoft OneNote.

Cover art
Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image

This app is an extremely powerful note taking app at some case its even better than the google keep app so we must give this app a try.

Download Link – Microsoft OneNote

And Finally the Best Alternative to our Gmail App and Guess what it is again an app from microsoft and the app is Microsoft Outlook.

Cover art
Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image

This App has almost all the features present in the Gmail App Obviously unless you are a hardcore Gmail User.It has direct integration with the Microsoft office suite.

Download Link – Microsoft Outlook

Now, We end the alternatives list here, yes there are many other google android apps which has some alternatives but we did not mentioned them here because either they are not worth switching to or we think they do not need to be replaced, If you have some ideas do share them on the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

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