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How to add shortcut to frequently used words on Android?

Hello readers, So there must have been a time while using the phone we wanted to enter something like email and our email will automatically come up on the field or we wanted to assign shortcuts to our address or our phone number so today in this article Tech Infinite is going to tell us on how we can do it.

So lets get Started.

Here Are the list of things you need – Android phone,Gboard keyboard(this normally comes pre installed in most Android).

Now you need to do the following steps:

1)Go to settings

2)Then go to language and input located in the settings or directly search in the search settings bar

3) In case Gboard is not selected as your default  keyboard then make it your default keyboard

4) Then click on personal dictionary

5) Then click on the plus button

6) Then click on the Text field labelled as number 1 and put the text you want to come up when you type the shortcut key and on text field number 2 put the shortcut key for this value. For Example – I put my name in field 1 and then I put the initials of my name as shortcut on field 2

7) Then press on the back button and you will see that the shortcut is added as shown in the picture below

8) Now follow the above steps repeatedly and add all the shortcuts you want

9)Now to use this method you need to go to any place where you need to input texts for example a notepad like google keep

10)Now we will use the shortcut assigned to my name to print my full name using the shortcut.

11)To do this type ‘ak’ (without quotes) as this is the shortcut value assigned to my name

12)now we will see that in the middle of the keyboard prediction tab(circled in red) my name popped up which was the value to my shortcut.

13) So now tap on that and your full name will be entered…..Voila!

14) Likewise we can type email ‘phno’ for the phone number and ‘addr’ for the address…note that this value can be changed to any value you want.

Thats it now you can add as many shortcuts for your day to day usage without using any apps as this feature is inbuilt in android devices.

Thanks for reading.

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