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Best alternatives to Google Apps and Services – Part 1.



In the last article we discussed on how to turn off google from tracking you but still google can track certain things in this article we are going to give a list of all the google apps and services which you can switch either for trying an alternative or to safeguard your privacy.

So lets start with the most important google product which we use almost uncountable times per day that is its google search engine and the best alternative to this service is duckduckgo.

DuckDuckGo is a privacy focused search engine that almost at par with the search power of google, DuckDuckGo stores no user data therefore you are anonymously.

This is the official statement in the DuckDuckGo privacy policy it says that DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information

So now you can understand how good this search engine is for safeguarding your privacy.


Next I guess the most used service from google is Gmail. So, the best alternative to gmail is Proton Mail

This can be considered as the most secure and encrypted email service at the current moment.

so what makes Proton Mail special?

  1. ProtonMail is created in Switzerland and all their servers are located inside Switzerland. This is important because swiss government has strict law related to privacy threfore, your encrypted data cannot be shared.
  2. All emails are secured with end-to-end encryption that is they cannot be decrypt and read. therefore no mails can be shared with 3rd parties
  3. No personal information is required to create account. they also do not keep any IP logs
  4. The most important reason is that the codes are open-source therefore anyone can see the code and confirm that our data is actually protected or not.


The next software is the most common software in PC’s nowadays, it is so common that you are most probably reading this article in that software, yes you guessed it right it is Google Chrome…..the father of privacy killer. It runs all the time in your pc and almost records all data related to you and the best alternative to google chrome is ofcourse FireFox with the new Quantum Update. It is even faster and uses less RAM than google chrome.

The firefox is way better than chrome now. Here are some of the reasons why Firefox is better :

  1. Firefox Quantum is 2 times as fast as the previous firefox engine.
  2. it is 30% lighter than chrome.
  3. It’ll be smooth even if we open 1000 tabs due to its new engine.
  4. It’s special private tracking which includes ads and tracking protection.


Next On the list is an important feature in Gogle we might unknowingly use that is its Coud Storage Service, Google Drive, It is connected to our gmail account so if you think that you don’t use it then you are terribly wrong and the best alternative to google drive is Mega Cloud Storage.

As we can see it in its slogan that says The Privacy Company, it is a privacy focused cloud storage with end to end encryption and guess what, it gives us free 50GB of data storage which is more than 3x what google drive gives.

So these are some of the best alternatives to Google’s web app and services in the coming articles we will showcase all the alternatives for Google’s android apps.

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