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A brief study on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning aren’t convoluted as you think. We work with them on a daily basis indeed. We have been through these buzzwords thrown around in a lot of conversations, conferences and social medias.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning seems to be on the tip of not one’s tongue, but almost everyone’s. Researchers have made herculean headway in the field of AI, where it has been embedded in our lives with and without our knowledge.  However ML is a subset of AI that uses mathematical models from data to make decisions.

Before diving deep into these concepts let’s have a overview on the rise of AI. Would anyone believe AI started it’s plumule during the II world war? Probably, not.

You need not just believe coz’ a technocrat says it. There are existing proofs. During World war II, ALAN TURING a computer scientist worked to crack the impossible German forces enigma code – a form of communication used to send messages securely and helps in planning attacks very secretly. To decipher the code he created a BOMBE machine that was intelligent and learned itself to crack the code. And thus, it has spread its root though decades.

From the concoction of AI programming language, LISP, in the 60’s lead to the eventual creation of IBM’s deep blue in the 90’s, all of these fetes has laid the foundation for the AI that we know today.

So, what does ML mean? Tools we use everyday are incorporated with ML for our better experiences. Even google uses ML for advertising and people’s fetish Netflix uses ML to pop up your area of interest. We all must have come across the term “Neural Networks”. So, neural networks is where ML learns from. Without much more complexity, neural networks are where a computer learns for 1000’s of hours to recognize a particular object. ML is basically using large sets of data,hours of training to make predictions on probable outcomes.

Let’s climb up the levels of AI. The three fundamental types are Artificial Narrow Intelligence(A.N.I), Artificial General Intelligence(A.G.I), Artificial Super Intelligence(A.S.I). though in real world applications A.N.I is most used. A.G.I is an AI that can think as similar as humans and even do daily tasks with perfection. And the A.S.I is what researches fear and stalk a lot. When AI reaches A.G.I there is a chance of these computers that build on each other to become unrivalled.

Both AI and ML will be imperative to the forth coming generation. AI is the best or worst thing to happen to humanity. They are both crucial to understand in the blink of the world development. Though AI is a tool it neither hates you nor loves you, but everyone are made up of atoms, which will be used by it, one day.

That’s why AI and ML can be used as both the threat and the tool.

Happy reading.

Subashree Mahendran

She only does not have hands on all, but keeps her mind too. An austere computer engineer turned blog writer. Thanks for looking up my profile. Happy reading.

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