Samsung’s M10 v/s M20, Experts reviews.

Finally, Samsung launched 2 new phones for the mid range and sub 10k segment,the m10 and the m20.

Samsung Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20 Price in India Tipped Again Ahead of Monday's Launch

These phones are meant to destroy the competitor at this price segment but are these phones any good than their competitors, lets see what samsung is offering.

The difference between these devices starts with the charger rating, the m10 comes with bundled charger morever the m10 comes with a 5 watt charger whereas the m20 comes with a 15w charger. Honestly, almost all phones with this budget segment comes with a 10W charger but here Samsung went for a 5W charger that is going to take a huge time to charge the m10… here we get the very first big no to m10 but yeah a yes to m20.

Coming forward to next, the m10 comes with a micro-USB charger whereas the m20 comes with USB-C charger that is OK for the m10 but good for the m20.

Both the phones come with triple slots for 2 sims and a micro-SD and with a class display called infinity v panels.

Now again the m10 comes with a HD+ display that is 720p display whereas the m20 comes with full HD+ that is 1080p display so a no for the m10 again and a yes for the m20.

Now here a deal breaker for the m10 it doesn’t even comes with a fingerprint scanner so a BIG NO to the m10 again and yes the m20 has it.

In the benchmark the m10 scores ~60000 in antutu and it scores ~720/~3681 in the geek-bench test which its exynos 7870 processor whereas the the m20 scores ~108236 in antutu and it scores ~1310/~4078 in the geek-bench test which its exynos 7904 processor,So in terms of performance again a big no to the m10 as a 3 year old phone, lenovo k3 note gives the exact same benchmark performance so a big no and the scores of m20 are okayish so a yes to it.

Both the devices come with android 8.1 on top of their Samsung UI.

On the camera front we have a 13+5MP camera to the rear and a 5MP selfie camera to the front for the galaxy m10 and  we have a 13+5MP camera to the rear and a 8MP selfie camera to the front on the m20 we cannot judge this camera based on the raw specs so we are not going to judge it.

The m10 has 3400mah battery whereas the m20 has 5000mah battery that is really great for battery backup.

So now lets come to the most important point the pricing, the m10 starts at ₹7990 for 2gb/16gb model and ₹8990 for 3gb/32gb model. So a big big no for this m10, you should never buy this infact you can go for the redmi 6(3gb/32gb model) for the exact same price with a better processor.

Now comes the m20 it is a bit difficult for me to recommend any other phone without testing the same but if you only care about the brand Samsung and that teardrop drop display you can buy it, but if you care about raw power go for the Zenfone max pro m2 or the Redmi note 7 as the m20 is priced at ₹10990 for the 3gb/32gb model and ₹12990 for the 4gb/64gb model.


Tech Infinite’s ratings :

m10 : 3/8,

m20 : 5/8

Finally, the things are upto you.

Happy Reading!


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