The Cozy 5G !

Our world is full of manipulation and modernization. One such craze is the 5G technology – The innovation age.

Is 5G harmful to humans and the environment? Already,we have ongoing wrangles about technology affecting environment. Though what does 5G has to do with the planet?

The world of telecommunications were at the hike of excitement with the commencement of 5G in 2018. But there was never a good hype in the roll-out of 5G technology. There are even embargoes signed by top notch scientists and medical professionalists.

The 5G technology deals with speed, latency, interference, bandwidth etc and etc. Speed plays a major role related to any of the surfing process. 5G guarantees us 1000X the speed of 4G. The 5G latency is expected to tout at 1 millisecond whereas 4G stands at 50 milliseconds. 5G follows a distinct untapped frequency which is very directional that offers low distortion and noise. 5G will neither have server crash nor failure in parallel programming. The best ever feed for to connect a host of internet hungry devices to a single router.

Mobile phone’s are the prime medium for accessing the internet. For that we need a lion’s share of 5G mobile phone’s.This indicates that it’ll take time for the smartphone techies to innovate mobiles embedded with 5G , and undoubtedly the price of the mobile phones will be increased to an unimaginable extent.

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We are all interconnected in a food chain. So as these technology updates. Are Smart cities related to 5G? Undoubtedly, Yes!!!! 5G will become the major platform for sensors and other practicalities. Smart cities require networks with high speed and very low latency.This will help in better communication, in case of emergence,
disaster and resource management.

The roll out of 5G in Netherlands led to tragic demise of birds.However it was considered to be a hoax! 5G uses 30Ghz to 300Ghz . These EMF can lead to adverse biological and health effects with the statement that the current FCC guidelines are out of date.

However, 5G is going to be our near future. There are stunted chances to peter out the emerging the 5th generation technology. Maintain a cut-off point in using 5G devices. The range of EMF’s if reduced and proven to cause no harm for the living society, the 5G can be unfurled throughout the world.Let’s be smart in accepting the cozy 5G rather than permuting the cities and home smart.

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