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ISRO successfully launches Microsat-R and Kalamsat satellites.

Today, ISRO sets another record by launching the world’s lightest satellite Kalamsat with Microsat-R. The Kalamsat satellite is designed and made by students. Yeah, it is manufactured by Space Kidz India. ISRO has given this opportunity to students and says that ISRO is open to all budding technocrates.The Kalamsat is a 10cm cube nano-satellite weighing about 1260 gm. The satellite’s life is of two months and its cost is about 12 Lakh INR. ISRO launched this satellite free of cost.


Probably, the satellite is named Kalamsat on the name of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

We have been working on the project for over six years now. These students are from various backgrounds and the youngest one is studying BSc PhysicsSpace Kidz India CEO Srimathy Kesan told PTI.

Kesan said Kalamsat was the lightest ever satellite to be launched by India.

Space Kidz India aims to nurture young scientists.

The mission PSLVC44 is successful in lauching both Microsat R and Kamalsat.

Lets now shift to Microsat R and have a little talk about it too.

Microsat R is a imaging satellite that can take high resolution image in night too. It is designed for military purposes and will enhance the Indian Military support. Its weight is 740 kg. ISRO has not give any further specification of it.

According to sources, Microsat-R is placed at around 274 Kms from Earth in a lower orbit.

The launch carrier is PSLV whose weight is 260 tonns and is 44.4 metre in length. It is launched from Spaceport of Sriharikota which is 130 kms away from Chennai. PSLV is a four-stage vehicle with alternating solid and liquid stages, has launched 54 Indian and 269 satellites of international customers in the past.
With the launch of these satellites, India has become the first country to use the fourth stage of a space rocket as an orbital platform for microgravity experiments.

The successful launch is withnessed by Former ISRO Chairmen Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan and AS Kiran Kumar.

The nation’s PM Narendra Modi shared about this launch on his Twitter and Instagram handler. The shared response and love from PM is mentioned below.

The successful launching of these satellites create more enthusiasm in the new young scientists and we hope the ISRO will bring India to a next level!

Happy reading.

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