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How Microsoft is gearing up to solve food crisis using AI

Artificial Intelligence is now turning out to become the part and parcel of tech companies all over the world. Due to this, the significance of AI has increased by 12 percent. This can be attributed to the level of ease and convenience it brings with its implementation to the organizations. This sharp rise in demand has led Microsoft India to decide on training 5 lakh youngsters in artificial intelligence across the country over the next three years. The company also plans on setting up AI labs across 10 universities.

Today, over 795 million, that is about one in nine people on earth suffer from hunger. Isn’t that a distressing count? It is turning to become an unsolvable problem. But, here comes an interesting question. Can AI help solve this issue?

Welthungerhilfe, one of the largest private aid organizations in Germany has turned up to address this issue. The organization has come up with a new idea to detect and solve the problem of malnutrition in India. Using Microsoft’s AI technology, a new cloud-based smartphone application called Child Growth Monitor has been developed by Welthungerhilfe to help address this issue which is powered by Microsoft’s Azure and AI services. India is the first country to pilot this project.

“You can’t solve hunger if you don’t know where the hungry people are”, says Welthungerhilfe’s Innovation Director, Jochen Moninger. Their motive is to help the health workers identify the children struggling from malnutrition. The app uses the built-in infrared sensors of smartphones to capture the child’s height and weight and store that data onto the Azure cloud. The nutritionists and specialists use this data to measure the degree of illness using Azure AI services. The field workers provide vitamin-rich provisions to children based on the data collected.

AI might possibly make things go radically wrong with the level of super-intelligence it provides when compared to humans. But if AI could be used to solve the food crisis which the humans are finding it impossible to solve, then one should not have any second thoughts. Ultimately, if humans have created AI then humans can very well control it.

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