Is Everything Around Us Going To Become A Wireless Charger Soon?

This might sound like something from a science fiction movie but yeah it is true.


Researchers from the university of tokyo had created a flexible wireless charger sheet.

Yes, you heard it right they have created flexible wireless charger which literally means that it can be applied to almost anything around us which will make everything around us a wireless charger.

Ryo Takahashi a masters student and the inventor of this technology said “You can do more than just cut this sheet into fun or interesting shapes” he also said that the sheet is so much flexible that it can be wrapped around almost anything therefore making that object an wireless charger.

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so you might ask why couldn’t the current wireless chargers be fold like this and you might even doubt that the charger might be unusable due to low wattage.

Wait you might be wrong here,

A 400 millimetre sq. sheet of this system can provide from about 2 to 5 watts which is actually impressive because it’ll be surrounding us everywhere.

The inventor of this technology is very eager to see his technology all around the world.

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Just imagine a future no matter where you keep your phone it’ll always be charging at lower watts which helps to reduce the decay of the battery too.

I can’t wait for this to become a reality🤞.

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